2014 in review

2014 was another very awesome year. We’ll write about some of the highlights in this article and tell you about why 2014 was important for us and our project @internetwache. Last but not least, we’ll give a sneak preview of our plans for 2015.

2014 was awesome!

First of all we are happy to announce that we have more than 700 Followers on our Twitter-Account @internetwache - it’s always nice to see that there are other people who share the nearly same thoughts on the security topic - that motivates a lot. So thank you all for your support!

As you might have seen on Twitter, we managed to stay in bugcrowd’s Top 10. We haven’t been able to improve on our position (dropped from #8 to #10), but given the fact that we didn’t put a lot of time into bugcrowd, we’re happy with the result. Bugcrowd had a lot of new registrations on it’s platform and the new researchers seem to have a lot more sparetime. However, we’re #2 based on the ‘accuracy score’ from all public top 10 profiles.

Another cool bugbounty platform is Hackerone. The ‘internet bugbounties’ are sponsored by Facebook and Microsoft and got a great media coverage last year. We managed to get into the top 50 ( #32 ) during the last year.

Besides that, we found some nice bugs in the facebook bug bounty: Read the Post It’s nice to have found a bug on facebook - because a lot of researchers also hunt bugs there. It’s kind of a troph ;)

In 2014 Tim began to study business IT - so we all (@internetwache) are now working in the IT sector.

The perfect ending of 2014 was the attendence at the #31C3 at the congress centrum in Hamburg. We listened to some informative talks, met some awesome people like @tagnullde, @redshark. We wrote short summaries of each day: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 + 4

Since we know that the NSA can’t really break TOR (look at the 31c3 talks or the NSA-leaks), Sebastian is supporting it with 3 relays. Since July 2014 those have pushed more than 100TB of bandwidth.

2015 will rock!

Sebastian is working on a cool project for the security community. The code is ready and deployed, but the web design sucks as Sebastian isn’t a webdesigner. (Well, it doesn’t look that terrible, but it isn’t modern). So if you’re capable of turning coffee and pizza into CSS, send us an email. Please keep in mind that it’ll be a non-profit project and we can’t pay you.

Tim also works on a project - but this will mainly be available for german readers …

As @internetwache we will surely hunt some bugs in 2015, too - we’ll keep you updated about noteworthy findings.

All in all we are curious about 2015 and we are sure that there will be some security breaches and new hacking/security stuff in the media. So let’s see what will happens next …

The team of the internetwache.org