Update: 10 years of Internetwache.org

Here is a quick update on our 10 year anniversay.

According to the WHOIS information, this domain was registered on 2012-06-03T13:17:26Z by Sebastian, although the idea for this project existed much longer.

Therefore, the project’s 10 year anniversary was last year. Back then, Sebastian was finishing his A-Levels, when he decided to pursue this project. 10 years are a long time and thus a few things have changed over time.

Nowadays, Sebastian is a PhD candidate at the TU-Berlin in the IT-Sec field. There, he teaches students, supervises theses and publishes academic papers.

During the past 10 years, several persons supported this project. However, for all of them, time has not stopped, too, and their personal and professional careers have evolved as well. Thus, the project is now back in Sebastian’s hands. Nonetheless, we would like to thank everyone who was involved for their time and support.

Although it was a bit quite in the past and might be in the future, this project is still alive :-)

Best regards, Sebastian