The idea of

The Background of the Foundation

The Internet has become one of the most important aspects in the daily life of the people all over the world. You have the possibility to buy and sell goods as well as to communicate with your friends and stay connected with them.

The Problem

The internet presence is developed and delivered to the internet user, but often with some essential security problems. These security holes are especially a problem for companies because of the potential damage that cybercriminals could do to their company and their customers.

The Idea

Our solution to the problem is based on voluntary and honorary work. We search for security holes, so that the internet becomes a little bit safer. When our team discovers a security issue on a website, we immediately inform the responsible persons to remedy it as fast as possible. With this work we want to create a safer internet, not just for the owner but also for the users.

Responsible Disclosure

In all of our security reports we’re trying to comply with the principle of responsible disclosure. This means that we’re not publishing any information regarding to a vulnerability, until the vendor has confirmed the fix. Therefor we’re giving the website hoster as much time as he needs to resolve the problem and that’s why we tend to wait very long until we publish the security holes we found.